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2015 dates coming soon..Mairi Campbell’s holistic weekend fiddle workshops on the Scottish Island of Lismore  are enjoyed by many a fiddler.  In 2007 she founded the Lismore Music Retreats and leads seven weekend music camps each year.  “These weekends are so inspiring and fun.   No one else does it like you!”

Her approach is deeply perceptive, allowing the student to find ease and integration with their playing no matter what level of player they are.  She is a master of violin techniques and Scottish fiddle traditions and finds solutions for the many and varied issues players have.

Fiddle weekend dates for 2014


FIDDLE RETREAT      March 17 -20     4 days 

“Up to then, I had what might be described as a mechanistic approach to fiddle playing,  assuming that mere alterations to playing technique would achieve a change in sound.  However, your remarkable blend of simple and effective repetitive exercises with deep philosophical insights into the elemental purpose of folk tunes, has wrought in me a complete re-think about music as a universal language; and consequently to approach playing it by living it”.


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“I had a wonParticipants on weekend fiddle workshops  on Lismorederful weekend, rich in music, laughter and creativity. I was fascinated by the way in which you were able to attend to everyone’s individual needs within a group setting, and make it useful and interesting for all involved.”

Mairi is also invited to teach fiddle camps  in Canada and Germany as well as the UK.


Other work Mairi’s involved with:


Mairi is an award winning Scottish folk singer and songwriter. She was awarded Scots Singer of the Year  and has made five albums, two musicals and two theatre shows with David Francis (aka The Cast)  and more recently she is working with David Gray, musician and engineer to create a new album of  innovative folk inspired remix tracks.

Mairi is touring solo in 2014 in Denmark and England.

She is musical director and song arranger with Sangstream, a 60 member folk choir based in Edinburgh.

One of her most favorite things to do is to play for dancing, so you can book the Mairi Campbell ceilidh band with guitarist David Francis and bass player John Young.  Call 07988894334 or email hello@mairicampbell.co.uk

Her interest in creativity and process has led her to take the leadership training in a method called InterPlay which she uses in her teaching and can lead workshops in.



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