Mairi Campbell


Campbell’s reputation as an influential Scottish musician has grown steadily throughout her career.   Mairi digs deep, reflecting Scotlands dynamic energy in her songs and soundings. 

Whether it’s the rugged beauty of a Highland tune, an improvised audience sounding’ over mesmeric viola and voice, or ballads and songs,  Mairi digs where she stands, drawing on her deep well of Celtic ancestry to find music that is both ancient and new.

“Mairi, is a remarkable musician – an artist whose work transfigures consciousness”
Alisdair MacIntosh Author of ‘Soil and Soul’ 2012

“After so many years working in music isn’t it great when music yet again displays it’s power to shock and stun you and reduce you to tears.”
Tom Bancroft, – musician – on hearing a sounding in 2013


Mairi Campbell

 Finally got round to recording this song.  Dave brought me the lyrics one day and I went through to the livingroom where the piano is, to work on them.  The lyrics are very strong, and in the Scots.  Timely:  about inequality in our world. In Scots ‘A Jock Tamson’s bairns’ means  ’All God’s children’.   The tune came quite quickly although I think I sat for a few hours trying to figure out the piano chords.   –   ‘Jock Tamson’s Bairns’ .


BREAKING NEWS!!   I’m  honoured that Creative Scotland have chosen to support the making of ‘Pulse’…the stage show.  



Mairi Campbell’s soundscape  propels us through a landscape of loss and renewal.   One musician’s heartfelt search for stability and resilience for the journey ahead.


 More chilled and hypnotic than Martyn Bennett, this music is for the blissed-out stage of the evening ” Folk Roots

“ A beguiling brew of folk and trip-hop….. potent reminders of the rhythmic thrills of both traditional and modern dance music” The musician


 Listen here to a track from the album.


By Julia Fayngruen


CampbellGray album cover

New album ’PULSE’  now available on itunes.

Created by CampbellGray – David Gray and Mairi Campbell
Here’s a link to  ’What the Devil ails ye’

More here….soundcloud



Scottish Music Awards:

Campbell’s reputation as an influential Scottish musician has grown steadily throughout her career.  In recent years she has been awarded ‘Scots Singer of The Year’  and ‘Tutor of The Year’  at the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards. In 2008 she won the Live Ireland Music Award for ‘Best Female Musician of the Year’, as well as the award for ‘Best Composition of the Year’. Her voice was heard worldwide when, in 2008, her version of Auld Lang Syne (with David Francis) was used in the pivotal scene for blockbuster movie ‘Sex and The City’.


Mairi is a skilled and experienced free improviser who has continuously developed her practice and found collaborators and mentors in this field.  Most recently working with Kath Burlinson (Authentic Artist)Paul Oertel and  Nancy Spanier.   She originally starting at the Guildhall with Peter Wiegold and Peter Renshaw’s pioneering course ‘Music Performance and Communication Skills’ in 1985.  This pioneering course, much visited and written about was ahead of its time in recognizing and investigating the skills, creative processes, and aesthetic approaches needed for young musicians emerging into the plural culture of today’ workplace.

Other influences are InterPlay,  Benno Plassmann (The Working Party),  and Sahaja Yoga.

Music camps

In 2007 Mairi founded her own music retreats on the Island of Lismore, Scotland.

Her retreats are intimate settings for her music facilitation.  She responds and encourages individual and group creative exploration.  Depending on who comes, The Weekend may include singing together, playing tunes, technical help, trying out harmonies, holding a beat, playing with pulse, harmonising, song, footwork, techniques, creating a song…learning a tune, meditating.

“I actually felt really freed up by the whole thing. Touching into that inner child place and letting her loose feeds into so much of my life”

“I went places with word, music and song where I have never gone before and wonder where to next. All of this due to your vision, sensitivity, hospitality and musical integrity, not always an easy path. Thank you.”

I felt very much that the way you ran the workshop gave me great freedom to explore some technical issues around my voice. Trust and support were built so that space cleared inside me, allowing my heart to connect to what felt at times like my authentic voice. No small thing.”

“These weekends are sooo inspiring! No one else does it like you” – participant 2014

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